Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Legs shaking and fingers tapping, I sit in front of my textbook attempting to soak in all the information I can in the next five minutes before the bell rings.

'I should’ve prepared for this.'

My brain rushes to read more words, more paragraphs, more pages till the time runs out. Friends peek over my shoulder, looking for any stray piece of information they may have missed while cramming the night before. The lock mercilessly ticks away, not being able to understand my panic and frustration.

The anxiety and nervousness I felt towards test taking slowly came to a halt when I finally was able to figure out my preferred studying habits: handwritten notes and online flashcards.

For me, taking notes in class has never been enough to stick the information into my brain. By taking the time to compile the classroom notes and other resources to create sheets of handwritten notes, I was also able to organize the notes in my brain. I use different colors of pens as well as highlights to add variety to my notes, making it more visually appealing and motivating me to review. During tests, I am able to visualize my colorful note sheets to pinpoint the ideas and formulas.

I have also learned the extreme value of online flashcards. Through website interfaces that allow all students to be able to access all their flashcards in multiple devices have saved me through memorization-heavy coursework. Throughout the school day or during my freetime, I am able to pull out my phone to quickly review any information that I may need to remember. This method of study has become crucial in my learning, making memorizing more fun.

Recognizing study habits that helped me have success and efficiency in preparing for tests has been one of the most valuable things I have learned in high school. With having a job every weekday after school as well as having different extracurricular responsibilities, I was able to find extremely increased productivity and decrease in stress with my newfound hab

Yena from Oregon
High School Senior
Beaverton High School