Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

My favorite way to prepare for a test requires many steps. The first step of course, is writing down the date of the test in my cell phone or planner. The next step depends on the type of test. If it is an English or writing exam, I write a different essay with a different prompt every day prior to the exam. If the test requires a lot of memorization, I either make my own flash cards, or write the information down a few times. Throughout all of my studying I make sure to chew mint gum (this will be important later on). The day before an exam is major study time. I write one more essay (using the prompt I struggled with the most), study my flash cards, or write the information just a few more times. The night before an exam I am always sure I go to bed at a decent hour to get a good night's sleep. I also make a point to eat a healthy breakfast the morning of the exam. The final step in my test preparation is very easy and only requires one thing. MINT GUM! While taking the exam I chew on mint gum. This always helps me stay focused, and because I chewed gum during the time I studied, my brain connects the information with the taste of the gum. This has proven to be very helpful in memorization of vocabulary words, dates in history, and especially formulas for algebra equations. This test prep method has proven to be extremely helpful for me all throughout high school and I hope it can be helpful to others as well.

Megan from Oklahoma
High School Senior
McLoud High School