Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

One thing I learned very early on in life is that I have absolutely no business attempting to “wing” a test. I like to think that some people are just born with it; it being the natural ability to ace tests and exams without the flip of a single note card. I, on the other hand, seem to be lacking “it”. Throughout my entire educational experience thus far I have found it to be essential that I study to the best of my ability before taking a test if I have any intention of doing well on it. I often joke that I peaked in middle school, as back then I never had to study for tests. I have tried all the usual study tactics from highlighters to notecards, online or otherwise. In high school my friends often referred to me as “Quizlet Queen”, as I was the go to person to make Quizlets for tests. Sometimes I would even make them, knowing full well I had no intention of using them, as Quizlet often wasn’t the most beneficial strategy for me. After years of trial and error, and learning the ways in which I learn best, I discovered two methods that prove especially useful for me when studying. The first is watching videos on the topic. I am a very vocal and visual based learner, so it is very beneficial for me to hear an individual's voice and see visuals to correspond with these words. The second method is physically writing down notes. When I am looking over notes, I will physically rewrite them down. Doing the action of rewriting words allows the information to be reprocessed in my brain. I am recalling them, allowing them to move to my long term memory. I have found both of these methods to be extremely beneficial when preparing for any and every test. Although everyone is unique and processes information in many different ways, I think that both of these strategies could prove useful to anyone.

Audrey from Maine
College Freshman
St. Lawrence University