Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

My test preparation tactics vary depending on the course. The way I prepare for a Math examination is different from how I prepare for my English examination. When I begin studying for a Math exam, I first review my notes from lectures and recitations to jog my memory, then I would take past examinations as if they were the exam I am preparing for. After seeing my areas of weaknesses, I first look at previous examples in my notes, then I ask for the help of fellow classmates or my teaching assistant. I find that this way works best for me because though it is important to know the formulas, it is key to put in the practice and note how past exams were setup. This semester I had a class that was filled with vocabulary terms and concepts that were going to be key for the exam, so I collaborated with another classmate on filling out a study guide that was helpful to us both. I would then create a Quizlet or set of flashcards from the study guides, in order to memorize the terms and concepts, because I found that was a tactic that worked best for me. Though the study methods differ in the fact that I was completing hands-on practicing for one, while memorizing for the other, repetition was key in both cases. I found that repetition is a way that most students overlook, but it enforces a mechanism that allows me to go through the motions on the exam because I am already familiar with what should be done.

Imani from Illinois
College Freshman
Purdue University