Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Through my dyslexia tutoring over the years, I picked up a few tips and tricks that I believed helped me through High School greatly when it came to testing prep.
My first option is always color coordination, it has been scientifically proven that yellow highlighter helps the brain to highlight and remember important details. Reds and oranges working well too, any hot color helps the brain to notice details as opposed to cool colors (greens or purples). You will find that my notes are very colorful, going back after lectures and notes to reread the information and highlight important bullet points to help my brain retain information. That being said, handwriting notes is a must for me, not typing or filling in blank worksheets. Handwritten! The muscle movement activates the frontal and parental lobes of the brain, for movement and speech. Helping to keep the brain alert and awake, making my hippocampus more accessible.
Next, I am personally terrible at vocabulary, big words scare me. So I write any important words or theories, dates, etc on flashcards to go over. Tapping them up around my room to see when I am doing absolutely nothing. Making people around me quiz me at random times, to the point where I have annoyed my friends and sister. I know this strategy works because Hermann Ebbinghaus a Psychologist in the 19th century, who claimed to study over many short periods of time was more effective than say claiming for a test the day before.
My last technique for studying for a test, and probably my favorite, requires a whiteboard. Then sitting down and writing down every single thing you can remember in as many different colors as you can. It may be a mess, but for me, it is highly effective to see my train of thought and work sprawled all out in front of me. To let me connect all the material in real-time and to use a more mnemonic study system as my last step in test prep. For someone who hates textbook work, this strategy works very well.

Renee from Texas
High School Senior
V.R Eaton High School