Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I often struggled to retain information throughout the beginning of my high school career and my grades where a direct reflection of this so I had to evaluate my study and exam habits. After evaluating my own habits I discovered that I did not retain information well because I did not take notes, precisely little to none. So I started by taking notes on the chapter or lesson we were on in class than I would review the information to ensure that I understood the lesson and if there was something I did not understand than I would write that question(s) down to either ask my teacher for help or research different ways to solve it. After writing and reviewing the notes from the chapter, I use that information to make flashcards, this enables the material to be accessed more easily; by making the material more accessible, I am more likely to use it because it is within hands reach whereas in notebook form they may be in my locker or even lost. I usually continue going over my flash cards anywhere from ten to thirty minutes a day up onto my test, as the test approaches is when I begin to collaborate with my peers and either form a study group or simply have someone go over the flashcards with me one-on-one. I really benefit from the last approach because it allows for more reps as well as asses my knowledge on the material. Surprisingly, after using this method over and over I was able to boost the time at which I remember and process new information, which will aid me on my current and future exams and assignments. I would definitely suggest this method to any one who has a hard time understanding the chapter or lesson they are in or may need a method of studying that is convenient but effective. At this point in my test preparation, I have a good understanding of the material and usually my teacher will offer some sort of review that could be paper or computer based, this is a favorite of mine because it will only strengthen my knowledge of the material that I learned.

My'Tesha from Florida
High School Senior
Lake Gibson High School