Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Hello, my name is Kyra Franklin, practice testing has proved to be one of the most effective methods of learning. Nonetheless, because the term "practice training" applies to multiple retrieval-based learning tasks that occur under different circumstances, it may be difficult to know how to bring this technique to effective use. Mixed format practice tests which involve more than one type of questions. This allows students to load and overcome the conflict between various cognitive processes, leading to better long-term retention and transition.

During my high school career, I learned the importance of remaining organized and up to date on any information, events, and testings going on at the school. With that being said, I still use what worked for me in high school at my college. If you regularly attend class, keep up with the readings and conscientiously take notes, studying can be a fairly pain-free process. Many studies have proved that studying for long periods of time students report negative effects on their efforts as they seek to study for four to five consecutive hours. I personally benefited more by studying for two to three hours every other night, along with making my "art project worthy" notes. When I took notes, either in class or on my own from the books, I would color code everything, including pen color, highlighter color, even to notebook color and index cards. Where necessary, I add keywords, summaries, maps of concepts, graphs, charts, discussion points, and questions. I then take the time to compile class-by-class lecture notes, including important lab examples and course readings. Daily, I think about how course subjects contribute to my personal interests, social problems and debates, concerns that have been discussed in other classes, or specific life experiences. My notes and study material is rewritten and interpreted in my own way which keeps me well organized, responsible, prepared for my classes and refuses me to procrastinate.

Kyra from New Jersey
College Sophomore
Rowan College of South Jersey