Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

When I am preparing for a test, I typically have this issue of not studying long enough. Recently I have worked harder to have better study habits, and to spend more time study. My test scores have definitely improved because of the changes I've made. Since I started pushing myself to study more, I've noticed the best technique that helps me. My first step is to start studying a week before the exam, but it could be earlier if I'm more nervous for a particular test. Because I start so early, I can guarantee that I will cover all of the test material. The most effective way for me to actually learn and memorize material is to hand write flashcards. Because hand written flashcards take awhile to make, I take it one chapter at a time. If there's a textbook with chapters, I will focus on flashcards for one or two chapters each day. It's especially important that I hand write rather than type because it helps me lock the material into my brain. Also because I'm reading the cards as I write them, the actual process of making the cards acts as part of my studying. Unfortunately that most difficult aspect of studying is keeping my motivation up. To prevent myself from falling asleep or giving up, I try to take short breaks every couple hours, and also have a tasty drink on hand. Once I complete my flashcards I go over them several times before the test. Another important thing I do is to read through any lecture notes I might have. Occasionally I'll miss some test material in my flashcards, and I usually find it in my lecture notes. Typically I study alone, but on the few occasions where I have a study buddy, I've noticed that helping a classmate keeps me motivated. Recently I proved to myself that my study plan works. A couple months ago I made the unwise decision to not study, which resulted in a seventy. I was horribly upset. On the second test, I worked very hard and followed my study plan. In the end, I got a ninety-two. I would suggest handwriting to any student.

Rebekah from Florida
College Freshman
University of North Florida