Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Throughout my years of schooling, I have experimented with many test preparation. In the past I wasn’t the best test taker, so I have had a tough time finding exactly what works for me. My teachers have given me tons of fresh ideas for studying. They’ve suggested using flashcards or outlining textbooks. Neither of those techniques worked out for me. I’ve found that taking super detailed notes and really tuning into lectures is the best way of studying for me. Cramming is not very effective, at least for me. I do better by not freaking myself out the night before. If I have questions after the lecture I ask them and move onto the next lesson. Doing this helps me stay on top of all the lessons we are learning, so I don’t feel like I’ve fallen behind and have to learn it on my studying. Just relaxing before my tests and taking time to calm myself down has helped me the most. I figured out that I overthink and get very anxious before exams. The problem wasn’t rooted in my studying habits, but more in my anxiety. It took many teacher conferences and problem solving to detect the issue. Thankfully, I know myself better than anyone else and found what the true issue was. Everyone learns and studies differently. Each person find their own way of studying. Mine was just paying more attention in class and trying to lower my anxiety levels before a test.

Maya from California
High School Senior
Coronado High School