Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Depending on what type of class it is, I have many different testing preparation strategies. For math, I have a huge white board that I will use to do practice problems. I like being able to have a huge writing area for math problems in case I mess up. I also use flash cards for any type of formulas that I have to remember for a test. For any science classes, I like to rewrite my notes and organize them by which ones I need more help with verus the ones that I understand the most. I also like to draw diagrams and different types of visuals to help remember parts of my notes as well. Because I've taken medical courses in the past, I like to study using both physical flashcards and quizlet. Quizlet is the easiest thing to use when you have to study for absolute anything. Now, to mentally prepare for a test I like to do quite a few things. Because I personally suffer from test anxiety, the night before, I'll take a warm shower and put my aromatherapy lotion on after. I then turn on my diffuser and put drops of peppermint in it. I study for a little bit at night and go to bed early. i then wake up the next morning and study for a little bit before my test that way it's fresh in my brain. I prepare quite differently depending on how confident I feel because there are times that I second guess myself if I study too much. These are my test preparations and they help me quite significantly. Thank you so much for this opportunity.

Destinee from Arizona
College Freshman
The University of Arizona