Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

In order to best prepare myself for a test, I first must focus so that I don't become distracted by something going on around me such as: c-void19 etc. Beyond the mindset to study, I find that what helps me most is repetition, the more times that I get it through my brain, the more Its the only thing I end up thinking about until the exam. I find that my best results come from when I read the information and then write it down, I am a firm believer in that practice makes perfect, and that means practicing writing the correct information. The reason that writing down what you're studying as you study it is so important is because it unintentionally causes your brain to remember it. In every experience where I have just read information lets say 100 times vs reading that information and then writing it down, the ladder always seems to pull through. Now I know that this is such a simple and in no way unique strategy, but in all ways is it the BEST strategy to not just memorize information but understand it, and actually benefit from the time put in to learning it.

Max from Georgia
High School Senior
North Paulding High School