Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Sleepless nights. Test anxiety. Procrastination. Even though I was able to maintain a high GPA, my test scores suffered from my poor studying habits. Finding the test preparation practices that work best for me took many trials and errors but by time I was in my sophomore year of high school, I found the perfect ones. Of course, depending on the subject I have different study habits but I generally try to keep them the same as much as possible. I can honestly say Quizlet and a surefire method known as PMAB are the reason I managed to maintain all A’s and B’s throughout school and I am now graduating top of my class.
Before I was introduced to PMAB, a studying method which stands for Plan. Monitor. Assess. Break., I would regularly use an online studying application called Quizlet to learn the material I was taught in class and prepare for my quizzes/tests. Once I began to combine the two study methods, I not only saw an increase in my test scores, but I actually was able to grasp all of the information I was being taught and teach my classmates as well.
To start my test preparation, I utilize PMAB and plan out everything I have to study and when to do so. I usually begin studying a week ahead of the test. To monitor my studying, I transfer all of my notes onto Quizlet and use the Flashcard, Learn, and Write feature to absorb all of the information I was taught in class. To assess the information I learn, I play the matching game on the website, where you can match terms and definitions. The game is really fun and I have found myself a countless number of times competing with my classmates to take on the number one spot in my own Quizlets. I also use the Test feature on Quizlet to make sure I know every single term and that I am ready to be tested on the information. Lastly, I take a break then repeat all of the steps every day until the day of my test.
These test preparation practices have changed my life, making studying more fun and enlightening than ever.

Ashlei from Louisiana
High School Senior
Lee Magnet High School