Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Before even thinking about beginning to study for a test, I find all the standards that will be covered. I highlight key terms within the standards and make sure I understand the umbrella concept. This is really important because it is important to know what you are studying before hopping into everything. This helps to narrow down the broad number of things you need to know and prevent excessive work.

Next for test preparation, I try to start within 3-5 days before my test to start delving into the content. This gives me a sufficient amount of time to get help on troubling concepts from my teacher or peers. I focus my studying on practice-based learning through review questions and end of the chapter guides if the text provides some. For heavy vocabulary classes, I use hand made flashcards, again making sure to highlight important keywords within the definition.

As much as the studying itself is important to get in all the good content, it is also important for me to be collaborating with peers. As stated, I ask classmates for help on problems, but I try to form mini study groups before tests if I can. This allows all of us to bounce ideas off of each other and maybe even point out a specific concept that one has failed to cover.

With all that, it is important to not overwork yourself. That is why I try to have 3-5 days of studying so I can space out breaks from working. The hours before a test, I focus on self-care like eating a balanced meal and taking my eyes off studying so that I can be stress-free and not distracted. I always love seeing my friends minutes before the test for that last-minute encouragement and sending each other off with good luck.

Angel from Georgia
College Freshman
University of Georgia