Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

There are several options for test preparations, but my most preferable way is pasting sticky notes all over my house. Growing up, my family could not afford to hire a tutor for me, so I figure out an innovative way to promote my study habits on my own. Studying for a test can be stressful, and stress should be the last thing someone needs when trying to obtain information. Three weeks before an assigned test, I get packages of sticky notes. I write down essential keywords on the front of the sticky notes and the information that correlates with it at the back. I place them all over my room walls and around my house. As the days go by, my goal is to be left with zero sticky notes in the house. I place them in areas that I know I will come across or walk pass. For example, I put some on my mirror, on my favorite snacks, on doors, and my bookbag. As I come across them, I take the sticky off the object and test my memory on what was written on the note.

The reason why I use this source of test preparation is that they help in providing better results. Study guides help me summarize and synthesize information, however studying 24/7 can be overwhelming. So, when I am not glue into my books, I know I will still be able to retain the information when I read the sticky notes. It also helps in improving memory by organizing the information in ways that are meaningful to me and putting it in my own words. They also help in creating meaningful connections with the material. With the help of my sticky notes trick, I was able to acquire higher levels of learning. I did not allow my family financial struggles to affect my capability to learn. The sticky notes are a reminder that you can do whatever you put your mind to. As long as you have the determination and aspiration to succeed, you will!

Eunice from Georgia
College Sophomore
Georiga State University