Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

One of the best ways that I study for tests that require math problems is going through the different practice problems I have been given throughout the unit and writing out the method I would use to solve each problem. This allows me to quickly understand how to solve each problem and review a variety of problems without being too focused on the actual answer. Then, if I get a similar problem on the test, I can recall the method that I am supposed to use rather than becoming too fixated on the specific problem that I practiced while reviewing. Another method I find effective is rewriting the important parts of my notes in an organized way using headings, underlining, and starring. Rewriting notes is an efficient way to review the material while also helping to correlate concepts and vocabulary in order to make as many connections as possible in my brain. I generally type my notes when I am in class simply because it is faster, but I find great value in writing them out later for review. Writing really does create a lot of connections and makes recall easier for the test, so I find organizing my notes and writing them out to be a very efficient way to conceptualize and organize content.

Abigail from Arizona
High School Senior
Valley Christian High School