Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

At the beginning of the semester, I struggled to have good grades in my Medical Microbiology class. It was hard to learn under normal circumstances. I would go to each of my lectures and listen to my professor as she went over the Powerpoints. Each PowerPoint was at least 50 slides long. The information on each PowerPoint was cohesive. It had a general meaning of the terms and information mentioned in the lectures. Furthermore, aside from the notes taken in class, I would use the interactive questions we do on every lesson. My professor uses LearningCatalytics to assess the class in the chapter given that day. In my opinion, it gave us an insight on the kind of questions to expect on the exams. However, this method was not working for me. I did not feel I was learning from the lectures, and the notes I took did not stick in my brain for too long. After failing the first two major exams, I knew I had to change my studying methods. As we started the chapters for exam three, I prepared myself by watching Youtube videos on the chapters learned in class. Most of the videos were animated, which allowed me to be more engaged and have a mental picture of the processes on the diseases we were learning. I also correlated the information from the videos with the information on the Powerpoints. By doing this, I was able to add information that was not covered on the videos. Another helpful thing was writing the notes in my own words. When I wrote my notes, I was able to rewind the videos and write the information on my own words. rather than just giving a textbook definition, I defined the terms in the same way I would explained them (using adjectives or writing a sentence with all the symptoms of the disease). Overall, by watching Youtube videos, writing the notes in my own words, and reviewing the LearningCatalytic's questions, I was able to make A's and B's on my next grades. Furthermore, it helped me end the class with a better grade than what I started with.

André from Alabama
College Freshman
Spring Hill College