Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Everyone has fears. We're all human. But one of the most commonly shared fears is that of an upcoming test. Whether you're a procrastinator, planner, or perfectionist at heart the challenge of preparing to be quizzed on your knowledge does not sit lightly with the average student. We can easily find ourselves stirring with anticipation or anxiety up until the very moment we leave our test at the table. At least, that's where I found myself when preparing for my recent Spanish final.
Two weeks ago I sat in my room sifting through study material, methods of memorization, notecards, and summary sheets from the semester's Spanish lessons. I had put it off once again. My exam was in three days and I had barely touched my textbook except only to turn in assignments. The daunting task of attempting to retain what seemed like endless material had paralyzed me. But I am not one to give up in the face of hardship. So I would press on, not only to pass my Spanish final but also to find the best test prep.
When preparing to study, its often important to think about what type of learner you are. Maybe you're an auditory learner, a verbal learner, a physical learner, or, like me, a visual learner. Whichever you are, there is one method of studying that checks every box, can be implemented anywhere, and has stood the test of time: flashcards. Now you might be wondering why flashcards are the ultimate study method. Well, let me tell you why.
Flashcards can be used in countless ways for any method of study with any type of learner. Auditory learners can have somebody quiz them, verbal learners can drill themselves, physical learners could mix and match, and visual learners can color code. Those are only some of the endless possible ways to use flashcards for anyone and any subject. Not to mention they can be carried both digitally or in your pocket! In conclusion, flashcards saved my Spanish final and I stand firm when I say they are the best way to prepare for any test.

Riley from Oklahoma
High School Senior