Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Good test preparation practices are like video games that follow Bushnell's Law– they are easy to learn but difficult to master. Throughout my high school academic life, I have attempted a multitude of test preparation methods– Cornell note-taking, flashcards, the practice of teaching an imaginary crowd– and I have discovered that the best strategies do indeed obey this law. In particular, using internet resources is my favorite mode of test preparation, and the reason it works so well is because I have mastered the ability to not get distracted. Ignoring the advertisement for a shopping site I frequent and suppressing my desire to surf Youtube, I am able to maximize my time with a video condensing economic concepts with clarity or a calculus study guide curated by a fellow student. Online resources are highly accessible and extremely helpful; there is often no need to waste my time creating study guides from scratch as there are plenty online that I can modify as necessary, and I don't need to stress if I cannot understand a concept because in-depth explanations can be accessed with the click of my mouse. In addition to taking advantage of the digital resources available to me, I find it important to sustain a positive, motivated mindset during test preparation. Studying for an exam in a course I don’t particularly have a passion for can be dull; however, I actively brainstorm ways that the material I am learning is applicable to my life and potential future career, and this makes the subject matter automatically more engaging. While my personal interest in the most crucial battles in American history may be minimal, the thought that I could apply such historical knowledge to a future creative project, such as an educational short film, motivates me to retain the information as best as possible. Having mastered the preparation practices of maintaining a motivated mindset and using internet resources, I feel confident that I can conquer any test that comes my way.

Eunice from New Jersey
High School Senior
Parsippany Hills High School