Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

There is no right or wrong way to study. Each person needs to find the way they learn best snd utilize that into their stuffy habits. My test preparation may be completely different from any other person and that is okay! When I think of test preparation, I think of it the old fashion way. I mean no harm by this, but I, as a student, prefer things in my hand, on a paper and written with pen or pencil. Yes, computers are more of today’s go-to study options, but nothing beats flash cards. Some people may believe flash cards are a thing of the past, maybe that they are ineffective because they have been used since we were young, and even before that, but the function of writing out the information, reading it, and seeing it over and over again is unbeatable. Using all of my ways of learning, kinesthetic learning is learning with the hands, which is when you write the information down on the note or flash card. This also accounts for visual, and seeing and saying the information multiple times over again is the visual and auditory learning tactics working together. Yes, YouTube videos are also helpful if you are more of an audible learner, but I can learn in all ways, so simply hearing the information is not enough for me, although it still helps. Again, learning is best when it is individualized, so a student must do what is right for his or her learning.

Bailey from South Carolina
High School Senior
Mid Carolina High School