Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

My very first test freshman year of college I didn’t study because I never had to before, when I received my test back I knew that I had to change my bad habits. Through a period of trial and error I found a practice that worked for me. When I learn that I have a test coming up, I immediately write it down in my planner, so every time I open it I am constantly reminded that I need to study. I try to find some friends who have the same class so we can get together to study. Some people find this method distracting, however for me it’s the opposite. When I’m alone I am constantly checking my phone as opposed to when I am around friends I am held accountable and I am more likely to stay on track. When we get together we begin by reviewing notes from class, and the professor's powerpoint. During class I like to highlight what I find more difficult, as well as what I know will be on the test, and things I don’t understand; this way when I go back I can easily pick out the topics I need to study a little more. Some of my friends do this as well, and when we get together we try to help each other with the topics we don’t know. This works out well because it not only helps those who are “iffy” on the information gain a better understanding, but also reinforces that topic for those explaining it. If all of us are not too sure about a concept, we go to the help of YouTube to watch videos on the topic. For tests that include math problems, we will look up review questions and figure them out together. Additionally, what helps to reinforce the concepts is reviewing the test after it is returned. By looking back over the questions that I get wrong, I can prepare for the next test that may be a continuation of past concepts. A lot of material in college builds upon past knowledge and by reviewing old concepts I am better preparing myself for the next test. Through this method of test preparation I have been able to increase my productivity during study time, and my test scores.

Emily from New Jersey
College Sophomore
Rowan University