Tell us your inspirational story about how you overcame adversity to achieve a specific goal or dream.

I was an outdoor child... football, basketball, and baseball filled my days. Of the three, football clearly become my favorite sport, so that was where I placed my focus. Football became my lifestyle. Team pennants and posters hung on every wall. I bought and traded football cards with my allowance, and even took my football to bed! My parents instilled in me early on that if I put in the work, I would get the desired results. Being undersized, my ability to play the game of football was always questioned. Many judged me, asking "This kid plays football?" During seventh grade, I played for the Holy Trinity Eagles, but midway through the year I pulled my hamstring, causing me to miss some time. This injury slowed me down a little bit, as it limited my physical activity. The team won the championship while I was in eighth grade, as I continued to work on recovering from the setback of my previous injury. After the football banquet, my coach told me that football may not work out, but he was sure I would find something else to do. His words echoed in my head as I firmly resolved I would prove him and the others wrong. I entered Elyria Catholic and dedicated a lot of work on my own in offseasons, even finishing teammates’ workouts after mine when they quit early. The work paid off. Through the years of a very successful career, I earned awards for the Great Lakes Conference and All Lorain County awards as a senior. Still, to this day, I am doubted because of my 5 foot 8 inches and 165 pounds size. But now, as my high school career concludes, I have received much interest from many colleges. My visit to the College of Wooster convinced me that this would be my next home. The Holy Trinity coach had been wrong. My story proves that the fruits of your labor will surely pay off.

Brandon from Ohio
High School Senior
Elyria Catholic

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