Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

The way students study for tests and exams are all different and depend on a multitude of factors such as their learning style, the academic course they are studying for, and ways they can make the material interesting to them. I am more of visual learning, so after every unit or topic we learn in class I would make my own study guide using diagrams, flow charts, and pictures that correspond to the information. Additionally, I use colors to emphasize key information. The purpose of my highlighters and colored pens are to make information stand out, not distract me, so I like to stick to one color per topic. I would start off by using my highlighter to outline the topic on the top of my page in a font bigger than my actual notes. Then, I would outline subtitles and underline any key terms or phrases. Another method I like to use is the Cornell method, which is sectioning off a portion of your paper with a vertical line to write questions and headers that corresponds with your notes. This would make it easier to refer back to information when you are studying later on in the semester. To study for finals where there are large amounts of information that you need to review, videos online and the pomodoro method is extremely useful. The pomodoro method uses a 25 minute timer to indicate the time you have to do one task, you could then take a five minute break. You would repeat this technique five times and at the end you can take a 30 minute break. I find this method efficient because it keeps me focused and maximes my productivity even when I could barely read another word. My studying techniques had worked for several of my AP exams and tests within my classes in high school. I find that by using these techniques I am able to actually understand the material and have solid notes to review when I need to refresh on a topic.

Melody from New York
High School Senior
Manhattan center for science and mathematics