Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

My heart rate rises and I feel butterflies in my stomach. From nerves? Nope. I’m excited, anticipating the challenge ahead. I am confident that I will earn nothing less than a perfect score. My teacher ambles between desks, passing out tests. The moment mine lands on my desk I scribble my name at the top and begin.
Every time I tell one of my friends that I enjoy taking tests they look at me as if I have two heads. But I’m not crazy. I’m just prepared. I think of tests as an opportunity to show off my knowledge and apply the many hours of studying that I do. Studying is not easy. However, I have some methods that I know work well for me. First, I find a comfortable location that I know I will be able to stay focused for hours in. Usually this place happens to be my bedroom floor. I prefer it to my desk because I know that I can spread my papers and computers and other supplies around me in a circle. Whether I am preparing for a test on one unit or multiple I do the same thing to prepare. I start from the beginning of the unit and rewrite and master every topic from start to finish until I know that I know all of the content that I may be tested on. I have a composition notebook that I use when I study all subjects that I write and practice on. I rewrite all of my notes and redo any practice problems or reread assignments that I finished in the past. I know that straight memorization can only get me so far so when preparing for an exam I want to ensure that I have mastered and truly understand the concepts.
I know that the greatest difference in whether I do well or not on a test is my mindset going into it. On the first day of my sophomore year I told myself that when I walk into a test or quiz my expectation will be that I am about to receive a 100%. I earned the best grades of my school career that semester and continued the habit. I created a self fulfilling prophecy that made a huge difference for me in how prepared I felt, and therefore was, for my tests.

Abigail from Georgia
High School Senior
McIntosh High School