Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

In the beginning of my tenure at the University of Texas at Arlington I was a very poor test taker. My habits from high school followed me into the beginning of my freshman year. I soon realized I needed to make a drastic change in how I prepared myself for taking a test. My first semester was filled with electives from a broad range of topics. One of the electives I elected to take was Psychology. I passed on the opportunity to take a psychology course in high school and this was one of my biggest regrets. During the first couple of weeks in the course I was able to learn about how to create memories and recall information in much simpler ways that allowed me to retain the information in a much better manner. One of the best and simplest techniques I learned was to create a Mnemonic or an acronym for the information I learned that day. I found this to be one of the most helpful techniques to retaining and recalling information come test day. After class I would take ten minutes to create acronyms pertaining to the information, I learned that day. I did this as soon as class ended so that I could review my notes and begin the process of retaining the information. Additionally, my professor had emphasized that by studying in the same location in which you learned about something, that it would become easier to recall later because of the fact that you were in a familiar environment that allowed the manifestation of memories to occur. I thought this technique would prove unsuccessful for me, but it was a small detail that made a big difference. I would recall looking at a slide on the projector of my classroom and then picturing that slide on the projector again when I took the test. By creating that memory in my head and creating a connection to a part of the room I was able to recall the information through my memory bank much easier. Combining the technique of creating Mnemonics while studying in the same lecture hall have improved my test taking abilities signific

Christopher from Texas
College Sophomore
The University Of Texas At Arlington