Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

There are many different and unique types of test preparation techniques, but there are only just a few types of studying strategies that work for me. These techniques are flashcards, rewriting important information, and explaining certain topics to others.
The first studying strategy are flashcards. They are used for a few reasons. First, flashcards are such a simple and diverse tool to use. For any subject for anyone, flashcards can be used to study with. Just write the term or question on one side and write the definition or answer on the other side. Second, flashcards are very portable, which makes studying on the go much easier. You can use them anywhere, and digital flashcards makes studying on the computer/phones easier too. Finally, flashcards are very affordable. You can find flash cards almost at every store and cost little to nothing. The second way to study is rewrite important information. I have been told that a person tends to remember more information better when they have to write it down, so I like to rewrite important notes or key terms on separate pieces of paper. It not only drills what you’re writing into your memory, but it also helps improve your handwriting skills. The final studying technique that I find useful to myself is the act of explaining a topic to someone. If you can be able to explain the topic as best you can to another person for them to understand it, then that means that you know what you are talking about. This technique not only helps you recall the topic you’re trying to explain, but it also helps you be prepared to explain it quicker and in understandable words for the actual test, if writing it.
There are many types of studying strategies. For me, there are a few specific ways I prefer to study. I like to use flashcards, rewrite important information, and to explain the topic to someone else because they all help me prepare for my test in many ways. To conclude, there are many different ways to prepare for a test.

Victoria from Indiana
High School Senior
South Putnam High School