Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Whenever I am getting ready to prepare for a test, I pick a day to plan out how I will execute studying for the test. That is my first step. On the first day, I make an outline of all I believe I will need to know, the different resources and material I have to study, and the amount of hour I have in a daily and weekly basis of completing my studies. This first step ensures that I do not forget to cover an area of the subject, no matter how small the topic is. After first mapping it out, I plan out on a week-by-week basis how I will study and what topic I am studying on a given day. By giving my study hours a sense of 'direction', I ensure that I remain on task. I normally make sure to study in hour and a half increments as these are the times periods in which I have a spark of motivation. After the time of studying is up, I make sure to stretch, grab food, and then decompress. It is also equally important to give the mind rest. Along the same lines, I make sure I am fully rested each day I am studying so I can properly absorb the material.

Ashley from New York
College Junior
Columbia University