Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

My favorite test taking strategies are answering practice questions, flash cards, and teaching others the material. Firstly, I enjoy answering practice questions with my notes. I acquired this method while studying for my IB exams where teachers would provide resources and questions. I perform this method twice, once with my notes and once without. I answer test-like questions with my notes first because it gives me a good way to firm up and revise the information. I can get introduce myself and acclimated to exam-like questions while being in a test taking environment. I would then practice answering these exam-like questions without my notes. This will help me memorize the material and understand it to a larger degree as I am viewing and processing the material in a different way. This will increase my ability to memorize and understand the material I will be tested on. Another favorite test taking strategy of mine is teaching others the material. This method is beneficial to me because this is how I test if I truly know if I am prepared to take the exam. I have to make another person (preferably who is ignorant to the material) understand from the beginning to the end, exactly what I am speaking of. I have to be detailed and specific in order to ensure that they understand the topic I speak of. In order to be that much of an expert, I have to be able to understand, memorize and explain the information at hand. This is a great way for me to test out if I know the information to the extent of which I should. My last favorite test taking technique are flash cards. Flash cards are useful to me because I am able to put very specific details about a subject as well as their answer/explanation in one place. Flash cards are like having a miniature version of my notes, thus the fact that they are easily portable is also quite useful. With flash cards I am able to study at inconvenient times like traveling and performing chores.

Arielle from New York
High School Senior
United Nations International School