Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Many students dread studying, but I find it easy-going and calming. When test prepping, staying organized by taking notes and color-coding them according to importance creates a stress-free and calming environment for me to focus on information retention.
Organization plays a very important role in my study time. A clean workspace allows me to keep track of time and provides an easier flow physically and mentally. Organization allows me to process the information better as well. Having a crowded and dirty workspace promotes negative energy which would disturb my willingness to study.
When I take notes it is important to make sure that I understand the main objectives of the lesson. Structuring my notes so that I am able to understand what was said during class allows me to remember in what order the information was given, knowing the order of how the information was given helps me to remember the information. When I take notes, I convert what the instructor is saying into my own words for better understanding, and I use analogies to make connections with the lesson so that I properly comprehend the lesson. I make sure that I color-code main ideas so that my brain can remember them easily. Colors are vibrant and help me remember key details. For instance, if something is really important then I would make that sentence or word red. Pink is used for vocabulary that I may not understand and the colors continue on as necessary.
Lastly, creating a calming and stress free atmosphere to study in is of utmost importance. To accomplish this calm, I set my LED diffuser to a certain color, mostly blue, and I add peppermint essential oil. Peppermint stimulates my brain, smells good, and ensures that I will stay awake. Another way I achieve a calm environment is by making sure that I set the tone with mellow music at a low volume. Staying in tune with myself allows me not to over exert myself but to be sure that I'm working at my full potential.

Rochelle from Maryland
High School Senior
Takoma Academy