Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Growing up test preparation was the biggest help to making my grades better. I was always a good student when it came to turning in homework or projects when they were due. But the hardest challenge for me was getting good grades on test and being able to retain the information well enough to be confident with my answers. For me, growing up I had a special advantage, when it came to studying. I am a quadruplet, so whatever content I am studying for, I normally have a sibling my age to help study each other. But besides studying with my siblings there are different techniques that I still use today to help myself who was a bad test taker into what I think am a successful test taker. One of the biggest things to make sure you understand the content is being able to take notes. Even if your teacher says the test is in a couple week, you should still be taking thorough notes in class. Every night before you go to bed make a constant routine to spend 5-10 minutes looking and reading your notes for each section. That way the notes stay fresh in your head and it starts becoming easier and easier to remember. Than once you get to about a week or so till test, I would create a quizlet. I have found that there are many different ways to study on quizlet, to help you understand the content you need to understand. If at this point I am still struggling to understand I enjoy hearing and working out problems with my peers. Learning from peers is sometimes the best way because they can show you the best way they could understand it, and maybe at that point it will click for you. The night before a test it is important to get plenty of sleep for the next day. When waking up I like to just quickly ego through notes on last time, while eating a healthy breakfast. And the last but most important tip is to be confident in yourself. If you follow these steps you should find great success on your tests, because these steps have easily helped change my grades for the better.

Drake from Missouri
High School Senior
Hickman High School