Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

As a Biology Pre-Medicine major, my exams are very articulate, precise, and detail- orientated. Organization and arranging push me to effectively read for my courses. When reading for an exam, I sort out materials first and start dissecting by subject. Frequently professors give subtopics on their syllabus to use them as a manual and sort out the curriculum. The best practice is to work a brief timeframe on each of my courses throughout the day. The aggregate sum of time spent studying allows me to gain proficiency with the information and significantly understand the material to last over an extended period of time. The vital thing is the manner by which I utilize time, not the extent I study. Long examination preparation leads to an absence of focus and memorization. Keeping a rundown of tasks consistently assist with regularly scheduled study sessions. I am explicit and sensible with respect to what extent I intend to spend on each topic; never allowing my list to become unreasonable and overwhelming.

In the majority of my courses, it is generally more imperative to work out problems rather than read the content. In class, I write down the problems and record the details exhibited by the professor. While planning for my exams, I set up an enormous checklist of problems from the course lectures and work out the steps to understand why they work. Eliminating all distractions determine the effectiveness of my study sessions. Turning off my phone and creating an incentive system after an intensive session allows me to fully engage in the work.

Attempt to lecture the material in your own words, as though you are the professor. I execute my lectures by forming a study group and teaching the material so anyone might call attention to my mistakes and assist me by correcting the data. As I explain the material, I use models and make connections between ideas. These are test preparation strategies I find the most effective!

Kaylin from Georgia
College Junior
Florida A&M University