Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

The task of preparing for an exam can be daunting for students of any age. For some, it causes feelings of being overwhelmed and anxious. For others, studying is a natural instinct that results in a perfect score emblazoned across their exam. I have learned, through high school and college, effective study techniques and habits to lessen the anxiety to earn a grade I am proud of.
In High School, I thought I knew how to study. Once I entered college, I learned the few study techniques that worked in high school were not sufficient. If I wanted to make good grades and not feel doom, I needed to learn more effective techniques and habits. It required trial and error, but I learned quickly what worked best.
Being organized is important. I have a color coordinated folder and notebook for each class. Handwritten notes keep me focused in class. I retain the information better. The folders and notebooks help me keep everything together for easy reference.
I re-read my notes and highlight key details. I create flashcards to help me retain important information. Making the cards is just as effective a tool as using them to quiz myself later. Flashcards are also a fun way to study with friends.
I begin studying a couple weeks before the test. Studying for an hour everyday helps me remember information better than cramming the night before. This method of studying has helped me succeed in my classes.
Not all classes can be prepared for in the same way. Studying for math is slightly different. To study for math tests, I re-work examples given in class and on homework. I find online practice tests to take.There are many online resources like youtube that are helpful.
Thanks to learning effective strategies for studying for my classes, I have earned a spot on the Honor Roll continually at college. Good habits and proper techniques can help any student succeed. I am grateful to overcome the doom, gloom, and anxiety of studying. These skills will go with me the rest of my life.

Emma from North Carolina
College Sophomore
Brevard College