Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

My absolute favorite test preparation technique is quizzing myself with creative and colorful methods. One of my best longest standing technique is to color-code flashcards set based on the topic. For instance, for a test on a physics module, I might color code any topic related to momentum as blue, vectors as red, and units of measurement as green. Writing the questions and answers first in ink and then highlighting in the various colors create a bold and colorful splash in a boring studying routine. When my set is finished, I then review then, mixing up the card order and then quizzing myself on them. For those who do not like handwritten notecards, online sets can be easily arranged on a site called Quizlet.com. A user simply needs to make a free account and then start creating sets! It's easy and very efficient. Happy studying!

Rebecca from Nevada
High School Senior
Heritage Academy (homeschool)