Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

In light of recent events, and COVID-19 forcing my school to transfer to online schooling, I’ve found it very difficult to use the same practices I normally do to prepare for any upcoming quizzes or exams. Now, in order to ensure I’m prepared for any upcoming tests, I first start off by reading the textbook and rewriting my notes. Moreover, I also study and complete review packets, look over old tests or quizzes, and utilize Quizlet's “learning” feature. I have a couple of AP exams coming up and I haven’t received much study material from my teachers, but in an effort to get 5’s on all of them, I was able to create a studying schedule. For example, I dedicate a unit to every day (or two days depending on how large the unit is) of the week. I start off by reading the chapter and taking notes, while highlighting all the important theories and terms. All the terms that I struggle with go into a google document along with a picture example and a short definition. Then, I go onto Quizlet and create my own set of flashcards for every unit. Quizlet has an amazing feature where they create tests and games based off of your terms, so I complete the test and redo it until I get a 100%. Next, to make sure I understand the concepts and are able to apply them to real-life scenarios, I search up practice tests, quizzes, and free responses. In addition, I look over old tests and quizzes that I kept during the school year, along with the feedback my teachers have given me on certain assignments that correlate with that unit.

Sara from Maryland
High School Senior
Montgomery Blair High School