Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

When it comes to studying for a final exam, test, or even a quiz I use a variety of methods to help me prepare. First, I like to color code my notes and make sure that the important information or topics that I struggle with stand out. Second, I like to mark up study guides if any are given and make sure I understand all of the information to the fullest extent. I do so through memorization but also with the help of study groups. We meet over video calls or even in person to help each other understand the concepts we are being tested on in depth, If I continue to struggle with the material I will look up You Tube videos on the subject and use the information provided in those videos to help ,me be successful during the test. This has especially helped me in my AP classes like AP US History, as it allowed me to review all of the specific historic events and be able to understand them in a way that made sense for me and allowed me to retain the information so that I can be successful during the test.

Natalie from California
High School Senior
Del Norte High School