Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I am not a person who prepares for an exam a week before it. I like to usually prepare for tests a day before and that works the best for me. It also works for me when I write down notes, instead of typing them into an electronic device. I sometimes scribble my notes in class and rewrite them after I get home, or before exams help me remember things more. Growing up, my parents and family members made me believe that waking up very early and studying for exams will help remember the subject better. For me, it has always been the opposite. I would rather stay up all night preparing for my exams the following day. I think everybody's mind and body works different and we just have to find what works best for us.
If I had memorize a formula or some kind of a diagram, I figured drawing or writing it out on a sheet of paper and sticking it on something you come across everyday, for example a mirror or your dining table, helps you memorize it easier. In my case, I either stick my Accounting and Math formulas on my mirror and sometimes setting them as my phone lock screen had helped me memorize them faster. This trick had also helped me big time whenever I had to remember a body party or an organ for my science classes.
Another thing I do to help prepare for exams is finding time to have a group meeting with my classmates. Having a group of friends and studying together during exam time can be very helpful and fun. This way you get discuss the subject and ask questions from each other and benefit from it.
These are the few things I do to prepare myself for a test and I have been doing this since high school and I must say, it had helped me a lot and certainly improved my grades.

Raveena from New York
College Junior
D'youville College