Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Overall, I'm very blessed to be a strong test taker to begin with. I always start studying right away, and don't wait until the night before to cram, so I feel much more confident in my abilities during an exam.

Because I start soaking in the information upfront and give myself time, it allows me to have much more fun in the learning process. I find ways to associate the information with my own life, and I often find myself creating clever or silly ways to remember the information. Mnemonic devices have always been my favorite way to instill recall for information for myself. If it makes me laugh, or stands out because it's so silly, I'm definitely going to remember it in a stressful situation. Because of this, I actually end up smiling a lot during tests, because I'm literally laughing at how easy I've made it for myself. So somehow, I've managed to develop a love and enjoyment in the test taking process.

I love learning new things! The ability humans have to gain knowledge and learn more and more as they continue through life, fascinates me. We are all so capable of understanding new concepts so long as the information is presented in the right way for our unique learning styles. It also amazes me that there are so many facets within the learning process for each individual. My silly way of learning, would absolutely drive an A type personality crazy if they were suddenly required to stop memorizing dates and facts with drills and repetition. Whereas, I would never be able to keep my eyes from glazing over if the only way to learn was flash cards.

My appreciation for other learning styles has also helped me with test preparation. When my silly mnemonics just aren't working as well, I'm able to try it from a different approach. Creating visual aids, and writing the information by hand several times to assist with memorization have also proven helpful. But one key thing to never forget, is that an empty stomach is equal to an empty mind.

LeAnna from Colorado
College Freshman
Community College of Denver