Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I mostly prefer to use Quizlet to study because of all of the features that it includes. It includes games, flashcards, and much more so that I am able to retain the information I’m learning in many different ways. I like that on the flashcard feature, I am able to add pictures to the flashcards so that I can visualize what I am trying to study. It is important to be able to learn in many different ways so that the information sticks. When I begin studying, I usually start wi the flashcard so I can develop a basic understanding of the material. Then I move on the to learn feature, which quizzes me with typing the words, multiple-choice questions, and true or false questions, so I can become even more familiar with the material. It keeps track of my progress and which terms I know best and which terms need work so that I know exactly what I need to work on. Finally, I use the game feature once I feel confident in my knowledge of the information so that I can retain it after I have learned it. The games are a fun way to make sure that once I have learned the word, I don’t forget them. These are all of the reasons that I really enjoy using Quizlet to study.

Monika from Colorado
College Sophomore
Howard University