Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I am a very audio based learner. Hearing words spoken to me is extremely helpful for me to retain them. Knowing this is the key to all of my study habits. Scientific data shows that hand-writing notes is very helpful for learning, so in class when I am listening to my teacher speak I always hand-write my notes. Once my notes are written down, I go to a quiet place and I make an audio recording of them. Once the time for a test rolls around, I go back to my notes and read them as my voice is reading them to me. I used this method for my AP US History exam, which I received the highest score possible on. I also used this method when studying vocabulary for my Spanish class last semester. I received an A in that class. Since going online because of COVID-19, I have been having to read things for class as opposed to lectures. This has been very difficult for me, because I tend to zone out when reading materials. I do not pay attention and I simply skim until the reading is over. When I am in class and can listen to my professor and write things down as I hear them, or when I listen to my audio recordings of my notes from class, I receive much higher grades. I received my first B in four years this semester because I could not study the way that is most effective for me.

Peyton from Minnesota
College Freshman
Creighton University