Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

When beginning to prepare for a test, I can't help but stress about whether teachers will change the information on the test. The dreaded staring at the paper because nothing you know is on it, is too real... To combat these worries however, I have come up with a foolproof plan that works for me. It all starts with a schedule made to prevent me from getting too tired. All in all, it incorporates music, time management, and online resources.

To begin, whenever I study for a test I must be listening to music. Specifically classic music since it calms me down and allows me to focus. Classic music has been proven to help in focus and it works for me so I keep using it whenever I must retain information. When listening to music your ears get entertained and tend to focus on that music. As a result, you'll inevitably hear the music as background noise and focus on what work is in front of you.

Moreover, managing time is the strongest problem when studying. Most people get distracted and end up binging netflix. My plan combines netflix or any other activity I like with study. I'll study for thirty minutes straight and then either eat a snack or go on social media for fifthteen minutes. Then I'll repeat. I might watch a youtube video or just play a game on my phone, anything to lighten my mood and not tax me from the continuous cramming of information. The other important rule of thumb is to make sure to study at least a week before a test. Even if you just study for 2 hours a day, it's better than nothing.

Additionally, I always study with online tools to help engage my study time. I'll use quizlets to focus on certain terms and quizizz to practice what I learnt. I typically learn the most from testing my knowledge on my own time instead of classroom quizzes. I may also watch videos to learn more about certain topics from another perspective. Overall, I just make sure I don't just read from the textbook since I can't remember information I haven't learnt well enough.

Brittney from Florida
High School Senior
Doral Performing Arts & Entertainment Academy