Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

When I was in High School I never really knew how to study properly. If I was given a study guide I would complete it and look over it a couple of times and then I would be done. Depending on the class I would either do decent or poorly on tests. However, to my advantage tests were not a very big percentage of my grade so I did my homework and did well enough to graduate with a 3.35 but I knew I was going to have to change my habits when I moved onto college.
After I took my first few quizzes and tests of my Freshman year, I started to get a handle on what helped me study. I was given a study guide for most of my classes so my goal was simply to memorize all of the answers to the questions. I would look up the answers for the questions in my textbook or class notes which gave me context for my answers. After I had found all of the answers I wrote them on notecards as well as the questions. Writing the questions and answers down on notecards helped me to remember some of them. My next step was to go through the notecards until I had memorized each and every one of the answers. This is also something that you can do on a website called quizlet instead of using physical notecards. A lot of my friends used this studying tool and I did a few times as well. However, I prefer to have physical notecards so that I can sort them how I want them. When I went through the notecards, if I got the answer correct I put it in one pile, and if I got it wrong I put it in another pile. Once I was done going through the notecards I would go through the pile that I got wrong and continue to do so until I got them all right.
I know that this test preparation practice is old fashioned but it really helped me do well in all of my classes for my first year of college. I ended up with a 3.8 first semester a 4.0 second semester and a 3.89 for the year. It may not be for everyone but it is simple, easy to accomplish, and can be effective if you have the right motivation.

Elizabeth from Washington
College Freshman
Grace Christian University