Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Preparing for a test can be very stressful, however there are various activists that can help someone focus more on the test material and help relieve stress too. Focusing on the test material can be difficult, so isolating oneself help or if you have a classmate that has the same test studying one on one is helpful as well. Focusing on the material is important, so if one is studying alone then turning off social media is a good idea as well as making sure there are no other distractions. Going over previous homework, quizzes, and tests can be good study material as well. One big thing many people don’t do is clear their head. What I mean by this is dont studying for twelve hours straight without taking the time to focus on other things. One can get burnt out easily this way. Take the time to exercise, have fun, read, do anything else to take some time away from the material to make sure that when it comes down to it, one can go back and remember things about the material. Before taking the test make sure that one eats a plentiful meal and clears their head. It helps more than one might think.

Layne from Indiana
College Junior
University of southern Indiana