Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Great test preparation for me includes quiet time, focus, and understanding of the material. The first step to studying for my test includes gathering all of the information that revolves around that specific topic of the test. Once I have completed this task, I then highlight all the material that I am either struggling with or material that I just cannot remember quite well. Since I have found the content that I need to pay extra attention to, I then read my textbook regarding that information at least three times in increments of every fifteen minutes. This allows me to recite what I have learned to help my brain process what I have actually read. I complete this action with every subject I am having trouble with.
My next study tip involves flash cards and a partner. With my partner I have them ask me a question that I have wrote down on one side of the note card while I try my best to answer as closely or exactly to the response on the opposite side of the note card. This method gives me the ability to have encouragement while studying as well as a partner to recite information too that could correct me if I am wrong. I love this method of studying due to the fact that it gives me the luxury to walk around with my flash cards and pull them out at any time. When work is slow during closing time, I pull my flash cards out to study as much as I can until I need to assist a customer at the register.
Overall, studying has helped me achieve many A's throughout my years of schooling. Without these tools, I would not have been able to maintain my 3.8 grade point average as well as I have. Many college students do not know how to study, but with these tools it guarantees a passing grade when done correctly. More so, everyone should study any material that they would like to get better at.

Kayla from Georgia
College Sophomore
Savannah State University