Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

When you compare High school versus College prepping, there is vast amount of differences. You do not get to know reality until you attend College and this is when materials get harder to fit and understand in order to prepare for exams. Throughout the course of my three years at UNLV I have definitely learned that you need to change up your study habits. The best ways for me to study would have to be to review the material before going into class that way you already know what the professor is talking about and so you can gain more knowledge than you already know instead of being confused and trying to Catch up in class as far as understanding the material. The second thing I do to study is to read the book during my free time and really take my time to understand it and write in on a white board as if I am teaching someone. By the way, my third tip would be to gather a study group and actually teach the material to other students. That benefits you tremendously so you can memorize he steps and get feedback from others. Writing on white boards does not seem to be the trendiest thing for most people so I would suggest to use flashcards and keep rewriting the material and drawing it over and over again until you can draw it out in you mind. By using flashcards, you can have someone quiz you and flashcards are also very convenient to take to places to study almost anywhere. I would highly recommend going to a tutoring center. Sometimes asking you professor for help might come out as non-beneficial, so getting help from tutors that will take their time teaching you the material at your own pace will help you out tremendously and will increase your exam scores. Going on youtube or course learning programs can be of great use. You can replay the videos and have more examples than the ones you have in your book or class. Not only does youtube provide additional problems, but they also go over each problem and help you visualize easier fro anyone that is a visual learner.

Daniela from Nevada
College Junior
University of Nevada Las Vegas