Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

It's more effective to prepare yourself for your exam in advance. The amount of effort you must put into preparing for an exam should be taken very seriously. I take very specific measures when it comes to preparation. For example, once I’m told the date of the exam, I mark it on my calendar and give myself exactly two weeks in advance to study for the exam. I create an outline on all of the material that will be covered on the exam. Once the outline is complete, I spend the majority of the first week going over the material that gives me the most difficulty. I take about 2-3 hours with breaks in between to break down the material that I don’t understand. I do so by reading over the sections of the material in the textbook and annotating any information I could use to help me study for the exam. I then proceed to work on practice problems. I complete the practice problems to my fullest extent. Whichever problems I don’t complete fully, or have a hard time with, I go over them with my professor during their office hours. While I’m attending their office hours, I take notes on anything my professor says that pertains to the exam. During the second week, I go over the material I’m comfortable with. This way I have full confidence in a portion of what will be covered on the exam. When it comes to vocabulary terms in particular, I create flashcards using Quizlet. As the exam date draws near, I study each individual section or chapter on separate days while also going over all my annotations, flashcards and notes. I make it a good habit to constantly look over all my notes to ensure my overall understanding of what will be covered on the exam. At least two days before the exam, I go to my professor’s office hours one more time to go over anything that is giving me a hard time. I’ve used this study method several times, especially for my science and mathematics exams. My methods have proved to be very effective, and I continue to use said methods until this day.

Niya from Pennsylvania
College Sophomore
Villanova University