Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Test preparation is the most important part of my college career being a nursing major. I have many different types of classes as a nursing major, which presents many different ways to prepare for a test. One of my favorite ways to study for diseases and antibiotics is charts and “big” flashcards. To accomplish the charts and “big” flashcards, I fold a piece of blank copy paper into four sections and those are now either four notecards to a page or I can cut them apart if I wish. Another test preparation technique I love to use is color-coordination. Color-coordination, for me, is accomplished by writing all of my notes, presentations, and notecards in certain colors based on the topics being discussed. While both of those test preparation techniques are highly important to me, my all-time favorite test preparation practice is to combine my previously described preparations into a lesson and teach the information I need to memorize or learn to someone who is unfamiliar with the topic. I use my color-coordinated information and notecards to produce a lesson plan. My lesson plans can include anything from a presentation, verbal speak, practice worksheets, whiteboard writing, etc. This test preparation practice really helps reiterate the information into my mind for my very important nursing exams. So while being a nursing major requires many different ways to prepare for a test, I am able to accomplish test preparation through three simple techniques that really work for me and my education.

Hannah from Missouri
College Freshman
University of Missouri-Columbia