Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

In my classes, whenever I hear that a test is coming up my anxiety goes through the roof. I always associate a test with failure and believe that I do not know the material or that my uneasiness will make it near impossible to focus. To ease my mind and put my anxiety in a peaceful mood I created a study schedule that helps me be prepared and motivated that I will pass my exams. First, I like to exercise and release the thoughts of failure and put my mind in a more peaceful and relaxed mood. When I study, I need the room to be quiet and full of light in order to be focused so I can understand my notes fluently. I like studying alone away from distractions. I prefer to study in a library. I reserve a room and spend hours going over what will be in the exam. If I have to study in my house, I light up my room and make sure my brothers do not make any noise. I tend to gain more understanding of the topic when I examine over my notes and do practice problems from the study guides. This gives me an idea of the type of problems that will be in the exam. I enjoy finding Quizlet or Youtube videos that cover some of the topics. I like seeing how other people answer the problem. I am a spatial learner. I need to see the professor’s steps and ways to solve problems. It gives me a better idea on a way I can answer the questions better. When I review for an exam I like to study in thirty minute increments . Personally setting a timer and studying in increments helps my brain from overloading. This has been effective because I feel less stressed and the breaks help me feel relaxed. This method has proven successful and an advantage I will use in a university. The most important thing that helps me is eating a balanced breakfast by eating, my stomach will not be empty and my brain will not get headaches. These methods have helped me become a university bound student and I will continue to use these study habits as I continue pursuing higher education.

Juan from California
High School Senior
Channel Islands High School