Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

There are many different ways students put in time to prepare for exams. Regardless of the exam, there are three main strategies I use to prepare which have shown promising results time and time again.

The first strategy that I always do when I prepare for an exam is to practice in a test environment. When I was in middle school and early high school career, I would take the easy way out on exam prep. For example, I would use a calculator for a math problem when I knew that my exam is no-calculator. I would read the plot summary of a book when my exam is testing me on the literary piece. However, when the material got more difficult at the beginning of high school, I decided to put in the work and do every assignment under the same conditions as my exam. I have continued this since then I have had a lot of success. I have done really well on 90%+ of my exams since then because of this technique.

The next preparation technique I do is repetition. As a cliche as it might seem, it really does work. If I have a test where I have to memorize a lot of vocabulary words and text, I will make a quizlet and go through it until I memorized it completely. If I have a math or science test, I will do a lot of practice problems of varying difficulty. Once I mastered the most difficult practice exams questions, I know that I most likely am ready for whatever the exam has to throw at me.

Lastly, verbally "teaching" people the concepts you are being tested on is the greatest way to see whether or not you have to practice more. It was Albert Einstein that said "if you can't explain it simply, then you don't understand it". The brains retains the information and concepts you learn best when you explain it to others.

In conclusion, there are many different ways for people to prepare for their exams. However, by doing these strategies, you are very likely to do well on your exams

Silviu from Illinois
College Sophomore
Purdue University