Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Learning techniques for studying has required me to test various options for periods of time. There are moments where there are multiple articles and videos required to watch for a chapter. The way I break up information is through dividing the terms into small sections. With this process, I can organize the words with colored pens and highlighters that are pleasing to the eye. Although notes can be time consuming, index cards are a beneficial advantage to studying during a time crunch. Test preparation practices that help studying are chunking, colorful note taking, and using note cards.
Chunking helps me to study for a test so that I can take smaller pieces of information and put them into a larger group. This technique helps me to grasp the bigger picture of the material covered in a unit. In addition, chunking allows my brain to connect the fragments together to notice the overall importance of the material. A burst of color is useful in grouping information to improve my studying performance.
Color-coding my notes helps me highlight the important pieces of information. I tend to use colors like blue and green to boost my overall studying performance. Consequently, blue has been linked to productivity and green has been seen to aid in concentration. I use highlighters in pens to stay organized and I normally pick three colors of the same color spectrum to make my notes neat.
Note cards assist me in learning important definitions and terms visually. I am a visual learner and writing helps me process material well. Flash cards have encouraged me to reduce the time spent studying during short periods of time in my schedule. Also, I have learned not to rely on context clues to guide me through an exam and my recollection of information has become stronger.
Chunking, flash cards, and color association have improved my studying habits for exams. I have learned to group my notes together to better understand the subject and fully grasp the meaning behind my notes.

Deeanna from Illinois
High School Senior
Geneva Community High School