Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I have always been an extremely detail-oriented person. My organizational habits keep me on track for studying for tests and planning and completing assignments. I have a digital to-do list that I update when I receive new assignments and I input due dates and the dates/times of events in my digital calendar. I also practice time-blocking where I designate specific time slots for activities that need to be completed. I fill out my time-blocking schedule on Sundays and I update and edit them as needed throughout the week. My organizational habits make it so that I do not forget about assignments or tests. Additionally, I can see the assignments I need to complete and the tests I need to study for, and then I can take an efficient course of action in order to complete each task. That is how I prepare for studying. My studying habits mostly consist of repetition (reviewing the notes I have taken in class and using flashcards). I also talk to someone who is also taking the class or I try to teach the information to my siblings or parents. I am an auditory learner so I am better at remembering things I have heard out loud. Additionally, I use silly phrases to help me remember things such as vocab terms or even historic events. For the stem "miss" I created the phrase "I miss you so I'll send you a letter." Because of this, I'll never forget that "miss" means "send." Teaching others the information you need to know is also another technique for memorization, regardless of the type of learner you may be. In addition to all of these techniques, the best way to study is to take breaks. It is extremely difficult for the brain to focus for longer than an hour straight and doing so will cause excess stress, frustration and a lack of retention. Because of my studying and organizational techniques, I have maintained an A average since the 5th grade.

Sydney from Texas
High School Senior
Booker T Washington HSPVA