Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

My favorite test preparations are practice exams and flashcards. Practice exams are really helpful to me because I get to see what problems or questions will be on the actual exam and test my knowledge on those topics. The good thing about practice exams is that if I don't know or understand a question, I can give it my best shot and look at the key afterwards. They key will often show me how to answer it and if it doesn’t, I know what I need to work on so I can go back into that chapter and review it.
The other test preparation that I also enjoy using are flashcards. This is especially good when I’m going over terms and vocabulary because it’s a quick and easy way to repeatedly go over the terms. When it comes to flashcards I will either make the flashcards by hand because writing down words can help you memorize it better, or I use Quizlet because if I’m on the go I can easily pull out my phone and study when I have nothing to do. In addition, Quizlet often has flashcards already made from other students so you can just search up the class or chapter and can find decks that other people already made. Quizlet also allows you to share decks with people, so if someone in the same class as me wants to use my deck I can easily share it with them.

Vicki from Washington
High School Senior
Cleveland High School